A number of tasty and varied appetizers to start your meal.

Poh-Pia (4 pieces)

Minced chicken, water chestnuts, black mushroom and vermicelli spring rolls, deep fried and served with a tangy sweet and sour sauce. (Vegetarian option available)

Curry Puff (4 pieces)

Puff pastry, filled with minced chicken, diced carrots, potatoes, onion, curry powder, deep fried and served with mixed cucumber and onion relish.

Ka-Nhom Jeeb (8 pcs)

Steam minced prawns wrapped in wontons and served with homemade soy sauce.

Vegetable Dumplings (4 pcs)

Slowly steamed vegetarian wontons filled with vegetables and served with a homemade soy sauce.

Tofu Tod

Deep fried soft bean curd with steamed vegetables, topped with peanut sauce, sweet chilli and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Tod Mun Pla (4pcs)

A popular Thai dish of fish fillets blended with red curry paste, lime leaves and green beans, served with mixed cucumber and onion relish sweet chilli sauce.

Sate (4 pcs) (Gluten Free)

The char-grilled chicken sate sticks marinated with cumin curry powder, coconut milk and served with a separate homemade peanut sauce.

Pla Muk Tod

Crumbed tender calamari rings, deep fried and served with sweet chilli mint sauce.

Mixed Entree
$15.80 (pp)

A combination of Sate, Poh-pia, Curry Puff and Pia Muk Tod, accompanied with appropriate dipping sauces. (Min 2 orders)

Puk Tod

A selected seasonal vegetable, lightly tempura battered, crispy flash fried and served with a delicate homemade dipping sauce

Prawn Tempura (3pcs)

Crispy lightly tempura battered prawn and selected vegetables served with a delicate homemade dipping sauce.


A blended combination of chicken, prawn, crab meat and chilli paste, peanut and coconut dip, accompanied with nut crackers.


Traditional Thai soups to warm you up.

Tom Yum (Gluten Free)

The most well-known of Traditional Thai spicy hot & sour soup with mushroom, flavours of lemon grass, lime leaves, chilli jam, lemon juice and garnished with coriander. Selected mushroom $12.80 Chicken $13.80 Prawn $15.80 Mixed Seafood $17.80

Tom Kha

A classical lightly mild coconut soup, flavours of galangal, lemon grass, lime leaves, lemon juice and garnished with coriander. Selected mushroom $12.80 Chicken $13.80 Prawn $15.80 Mixed Seafood $17.80

Thai Style Salad

Som Tum (Gluten Free)

Traditional Thai green papaya spicy salad sprinkled with cashew nuts.

Larb Gai

Definitely worth trying! A dish of minced chicken breast, cooked with lemon dressing, fish sauce, lemon grass, red onion, ground dried chilli, roasted rice and Asian herbs.

Yum Nua (Gluten Free)

Tender fillet steak, grilled and thinly sliced then tossed in fresh lemon juice and fish sauce, served with fresh green salad, cucumber, red onion, lemon grass, fresh chill and garnished with mint leaves.

PLAH (Tasty Salad)

Seafood of your choice, grilled with tasty chilli jam, fish sauce, lemon / lime juice dressing, lemon grass, red onions, tomatoes and fresh mint. Prawn $26.80 Mixed Seafood $29.80

BBQ Grilled & Teriyaki Dishes

Gai Yang

Chicken marinated with fragranced spices, grilled then finely sliced and served with a sweet chilli sauce.

Lamb Yang

Seasoned lamb chops, grilled and accompanied with a side of chilli mint sauce and fresh salad.

Teriyaki of your choice

Traditionally marinated and grilled with teriyaki sauce and served with a fresh side salad. Chicken $21.80 Salmon $31.80


A range of fresh stir-fry in an array of different flavours to suit all tastes. Choice of: Tofu $18.80 Chicken or Beef $19.80 Squid $24.80 Fish Fillet $26.80 Prawn $26.80 Mixed Seafood $29.80

Pad Kaprao (Gluten Free)

A fresh, spicy stir-fry of your choice, mixed with chilli, hot basil leaves and selected vegetables.


A colourful dish with a sweet and sour flavour, this dish is stir-fried with pineapple, cucumber, onion, fresh tomato, capsicum and shallots.

Tod Kratiem (Gluten Free)

An absolutely delightful taste of your selected ingredient stir-fried with garlic and pepper sauce served on sautéed leeks and then garnished with coriander.

Prik Thai Orn

For those who like spicy food, this dish is definitely worth trying! A combination of your selection stir-fried with green peppercorn chef's own recipe curry paste, hot basil, selected vegetables and a dash of coconut milk.

Pad Med Mamuang (Gluten Free)

Lovers of Thai food definitely don't want to miss this dish! Stir-fried with your selection of base, mixed with cashew nuts, onion, capsicum and roasted chilli.

Pad Khing (Gluten Free)

A mild stir-fry encompassing a distinct taste of shredded ginger, capsicum, shallot and black and white mushroom.

Nummun Hoy

Quickly tossed in a wok, stir-fried in oyster sauce, bok choy and Asian greens.

Prik Khing

Your choice of base, stir-fried with red curry paste (without coconut milk) served on blanched beans, shredded lime leaves and fresh spicy herbs. These last two ingredients give a wonderful scent to the dish.

Praram Long Song (Gluten Free)

Steamed Asian vegetables, topped with a tangy Thai style peanut sauce and a sprinkle of shredded roast coconut and sesame.

Pad Pak (Gluten Free)

A dish to compliment your other choices. This dish combines the freshness of selected Asian vegetables, stir-fried in house special sauce.

Pak Luak (Gluten Free)

Steamed mixed vegetables, or you can ask for mixed green vegetables.


A range of traditional, tasty Thai curries. Choice of: Tofu $21.80 Chicken or Beef $22.80 Squid $24.80 Fish Fillet $26.80 Prawn $26.80 Mixed Seafood $29.80

Gang Keo - Wan (Gluten Free)

Traditional Thai green curry, widely popular not only among Thai but also internationally. This coconut curry dish is distinguishable through its finely chopped green chilli and fresh herbs, these two ingredients not only give colour, but also give the distinctive flavour, attributed to the dish.

Gang Dang (Gluten Free)

This is another traditional Thai curry, this coconut red curry dish is blended from finely chopped red chilli dried herb. The combination of these two ingredients give a ruby red colour and a nice mild flavour of colour.

Panang Curry (Gluten Free)

Panang curry is a thick and mild spiced curry, originated from the central region of Thailand, but our panang recipe is unique and different from other panang you normally have elsewhere. Our homemade curry paste, cooked with coconut cream, ground roasted peanuts, herbs and Thai spring condiments. This is a way of enjoying the full flavour of nice thick gravy and is a very mild dish.

Gang Pah (Gluten Free)

This spicy hot country jungle style dish, also called "Jungle curry" is one of those old curry dishes from the early days. The hunters would cook jungle curries from their catch, combined with herbs, spicy leaves, fresh chilli and bamboo shoots picked from deep within the jungle.

Musman Beef (Gluten Free)

An aromatic mild curry with chunky cubes of tender beef, slowly cooked in thick coconut milk with oriental spices of cinnamon, cardamom, fennel seeds, cloves, roasted peanuts, onion, pineapple and potato.

Gang Chuu - Chee (Gluten Free)

In the central region of Thailand, one of the most popular dishes is this light curry dish. Slightly red in colour, this curry is imparted by a fine blend of red chilli and red herb, which is added to the paste and simmered in thick coconut milk.

Rice Noodle

A selection of traditional Thai rice-noodle dishes.

Thai Jasmine Rice (Gluten Free)

Plain boiled rice with Jasmine flavour

Saffron Rice (Gluten Free)

Slowly cooked rice in coconut milk with a pinch of saffron threads, sprinkled with roasted onions.

Fried Rice

Vegetable and Egg $16.80 Chicken or Beef $17.80 Prawn $18.80 Crab Meat $19.80

Pad Thai

A tasteful dish of stir-fried rice noodles with egg, diced tofu and tamarind sauce topped with crushed peanuts and served with bean sprouts. Vegetables, Tofu and Egg $16.80 Chicken or Beef $17.80 Prawn $18.80 Mixed Seafood $19.80

Pad See - Eew

Stir-fried flat noodles with soy sauce, along with vegetables and your selection of: Vegetables, Tofu and Egg $16.80 Chicken or Beef $17.80 Prawn $18.80 Mixed Seafood $19.80

Pad Kee Mow

A hot, spiced stir-fry of flat noodles with chilli, basil and your selection of: Vegetables, Tofu and Egg $16.80 Chicken or Beef $17.80 Prawn $18.80 Mixed Seafood $19.80

Chef's Recommendations

The chef's signature dishes, recommended by the chef and must be tried once!

Winter Shield

Choose one of the following salt and pepper options: prawn, squid or soft shell crab.

Dancing Go Go

Home made roasted wagyu beef with spices, served on a hot place with Spicy Thai Style Dipping Sauce.

Pearl of Bayview

Steam fresh crab meat (local blue swimmer), wilted baby spinach topped with wonderful flavours of milky yellow curry wine sauce, shrimps, garlic and a touch of chilli.

Oriental's delight

Crispy skin duck (partially boned) served on Asian greens, exotic mushroom and bean sprout, topped with sesame soy vinaigrette, accompanied with sweet soy flavoured dipping sauce.

Ruby of Oriental

Red curry paste, capsicum, pineapple, cherry tomatoes topped on roast duck (deboned) and garnished with fresh basil.

Sailing on Pittwater

Selected whole fish of the day, deep-fried then topped with our home-made sauce of your selected choice of Prik khing sauce, Ginger sauce or the Spicy Herbs Sauce ( Kaffir Lime Leaf, Green Pepper Corn, Wild Ginger, Basil and Chilli)

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